specialty wrestlingBuxom blonde Brit Goldie Blair, faces the taller, but less experienced, Nicole Moore in our first ring encounter. Both blondes wear tiny green bikinis as they size each other up in the center of the ring. Nicole is tossed to the mat and finds Goldie on top of her, pressing down on Nicole with her fabulous body. Nicole manages to cross-pin Goldie but the wily English girl breaks out and uses a choke to force Nicole into the corner where the tall girl is bombarded with punches and kicks. Nicole escapes and chokes Goldie in another corner, but Goldie knees her way out and straddles Nicole. Nicole's breasts pop out of their moorings while Goldie uses her own impressive orbs to smother her flattened foe. Nicole escapes yet again but her attempt at a pin are quickly countered by Goldie's arm stretch, followed by a waist scissors. Pulling off Goldie's bikini top, Nicole desperately tries to slow the Brit's momentum by choking Goldie with her top. However, Goldie manages to reverse that too and manages to snag Nicole's top, still dangling on her shoulders, and use it to choke the addled blonde. This sets Nicole up to be bombarded in the corner yet again. This furious catfight swells in intensity until one tired and humbled hellcat surrenders to a crushing matchbook pin.

specialty wrestlingThe second ring match on this double-bill finds the zaftig sensation Shannan ready to take on blonde and tanned DT newcomer Juls. An initial test of strength is brief as Shannan quickly traps Juls in a headlock. Juls manages to throw Shannan to the mat and proceeds to choke the big brunette as she pounces on top of her. With Herculean effort, Shannan rolls back on top and batters Juls in the belly and body with her fists. Shannan pours on the pressure with a leg scissors but Juls quickly breaks free and snares Shannon with a scissors of her own. Using her superior size Shannan maneuvers Juls into a painful Boston Crab, but Juls rolls out of it pretty quickly. Shannan then tries a surf board, but Juls escapes that as well. A failed standing head scissors finds Shannan choking as Juls plants her foot in Shannan's throat. More scissor action follows, as well as leg holds, body presses, hair pulls, body splashes, as Shannan tries doggedly to teach this new kid the rules of the game. But Juls doesn't go down easily, even as they both find themselves rolling and writhing topless and sweaty across the canvas. A final life-sucking choke brings an unexpected ending to this hellacious donnybrook.

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