specialty wrestlingIt's a body-bruising, dress-ripping exercise in catfighting demolition as Tylene Buck, dressed in a tight red mini-dress and heels, comes for an audition and finds the similarly dressed hot new blonde Lexxi, vying for the same part. After throwing a lot of trash talk at each other, the fabulous femmes take off their shoes and go at each other. Tylene rams Lexxi's head into the wall and Lexxi slaps her brazen rival in the face. They then remove their dresses to expose their teensy bikinis and take their catfight to the couch, using pillows as weapons. Tumbling to the floor Tylene begins spanking Lexxi's round butt, which Lexxi seems to enjoy. A pissed off Tylene slams Lexxi's head on the floor and follows up with a straddle and choke. Lexxi works her hands around Tylene's throat as well and both vixens apply the pressure. The bimbo battle heats up as limbs are twisted, faces are slapped and bodies are pummeled—and when both women's tops are ripped off, those magnificent mounds are pinched, groped and punished as well. Of course, in the end, there can only be one winner, but with these two blondes giving their all, the viewer is definitely one as well.

specialty wrestling Our second story finds espionage agent Tasha confronting Francesca in her home and demanding a secret file disc. Francesca demands that Tasha leave but Tasha begins punching the Latina in the belly, determined to get the disc at all costs. The belly punches come hard and fast as Tasha tries to punch the truth out of Francesca. A right cross to the head sends Francesca to the floor and Tasha stomps her for added punishment. More punches and kicks follow and Tasha removes Francesca's shorts and bra as the battering continues. Francesca's body is draped on the arm of the sofa as Tasha chokes the brunette with her own bikini top. After finding the disc, Tasha decides that Francesca should be further punished and continues hammering away at her hapless prey. Tasha finally exits, leaving Francesca unconscious on the floor. When a bloodied Francesca revives to find the disc gone, she vows to retrieve it—and get some payback against her blonde attacker. Sneaking into Tasha's home, Francesca uses a flashlight to ram Tasha in the stomach—the opening salvo in a vicious barrage of violent vengeance.

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