specialty wrestlingImpatiently waiting on the couch, a fuming Anastasia Pierce, in tank top and shorts, isn't too pleased with Lisa, who is screwing Anastasia's brother. Lisa, decked out in a leather mini-dress, bra and stockings, is cockily unconcerned about Anastasia's disapproval—and that may be her fatal mistake. The two hellions tussle to the floor and Anastasia begins working on Lisa's arm. Following up with a double-arm choke hold, Anastasia tries to snuff the breath out of Lisa but Lisa retaliates by clawing Anastasia's boobs. Anastasia powers her way over Lisa and begins tearing off the Titian-haired bitch's leather dress off. Planting her foot in Lisa's butt Anastasia pulls hard on Lisa's legs and then goes on to work on the temptresses magnificent breasts. Before long, the once haughty Lisa is pleading for mercy—a word that doesn't appear to be in Anastasia Pierce's vocabulary as she joyfully strips Lisa's bra off. So Lisa does the only thing she can—she fights back with all her might Hair-pulling, wedgies, crushing pins, chokes, breast torture, scissors and various other violent maneuvers are traded back and forth ad the trash talk is punctuated by screams of agony. In the end one girl is simultaneously choked and groped in the crotch as this out-of-control melee finally careens to its degrading conclusion.

specialty wrestlingOut in the ring, curvaceous newbie Demi is determined to prove how tough she is against the gorgeous and experienced Tylene. The beautiful blonde is definitely unimpressed by the newcomer, especially when Demi proves no contest in the opening test of strength. Straddling Demi on the mat, Tylene believes that she's going to have a very easy day. Tylene throws Demi around the ring and works over the freshman's leg, spanking Demi's butt in contempt. That seems to ignite the fire in Demi as Tylene soon finds the brunette laying on top of her and working the blonde into a reverse choke hold. Getting a few whacks on Tylene's butt, Demi starts acting more confidently—something that makes Tylene all the more dangerous, Tylene tosses Demi into the corner and bitch slaps her across the face. Demi rips off Tylene's top and digs her claws into the blonde's bountiful boobs. Tylene claws and kicks in violent payback and pulls Demi's bikini bottom hard up her crotch. After her top is torn off and used to choke her, Demi throws Tylene hard to the mat and leaps atop the screaming blonde, who resorts to some hard-biting retaliation. The end comes with one beaten brawler being further punished by a vengeful victor not willing to let things end too soon.

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