specialty wrestlingTWO of professional wrestling's hottest new stars, Vanessa Harding and Honey Toast face each other for the first time in the DT ring, but it's evident that they have some old scores to settle with each other. Struggling back and forth for the initial advantage, Honey finally lands a blow to Vanessa's stomach, which Vanessa promptly returns—with interest. Grabbing fistfuls of Vanessa's hair, Honey manages to throw the bigger brunette to the canvas and entangles Vanessa in the ropes. Vanessa claws her way out and catches the willowy Brit in a painful double arm stretch, digging her booted heels into Honey's back. Honey manages to reverse a full-nelson to an armbar, but Vanessa reverses to an arm bar of her own, twisting Honey's left arm behind her back. Some keister bumps compound both Honey's pain and indignity, Resorting to dirty tactics to escape, Honey works over Vanessa's legs on the ropes. A figure-four-Boston Crab combination further tortures the gams of the screaming Ms. Harding. But Vanessa refuses to surrender and soon has Honey struggling with another painful arm-strength, adding some finger-biting to the mix to show that she can get as down and dirty as the worst of them. Vanessa is determined to take down this proud Brit. Will it be the angry American who gets her way—or will it be the Union Jack that waves proudly at the end of the day?

specialty wrestlingAfter her defeat in their first encounter (in the sinisterly numbered DT-666), Lia Labowe is anxious to even the score with her tattooed nemesis Nikki Fierce, both in one-piece suits and wrestling boots. Nikki wastes no time in tossing Lia to the mat, but Lia quickly gets up and stuns Nikki with some stomach punches that sends the illustrated grappler tangled in the ropes. Nikki then struggles against a reverse head scissors that knocks her out, giving Lia the first fall. Nikki's confidence is far from squelched, however as she vows to take Lia down in the next fall. And, true to her word, Nikki stuns Lia with a kick to the gut and ties the brunette up in a painful figure-four leglock that has Lia yowling in pain. Lia's back is wracked with pain as Nikki sits back and applies even more pressure on Lia's legs. Allowing Lia to get back on her feet, Nikki flips herself into a handstand and traps Lia's head with an upside down head scissors. Keeping Lia's head firmly clamped, Nikki flips Lia to the mat and squeezes her opponent into unconsciousness. Now it's one fall each and the action just keeps getting even more intense as these newcomers show that they know their way around a wrestling ring. A devastating piledriver ends this match for one mighty mauler.

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