specialty wrestlingTwo young newcomers are thrown into the lion's den as they are each pitted against a notorious and deadly heel. First, tiny brunette Sinn Sage, in a miniscule string bikini, makes her DT debut against the powerful Sabrina (known in the professional wrestling world as Hurricane Havana) decked out in a blood-red one-piece and wrestling boots. And what a surprising start we have as Sinn quickly staggers the Hurricane and traps her in a headlock, followed by a standing head scissors. Taking the deadly Cuban missile to the mat, the tyro loses her advantage and is soon fighting to get out of a painful full-nelson and headlock followed by a hard head smash to the mat. Continuing the pressure in a chokehold, Sabrina adds insult to injury by baring Sinn's petite breasts and setting her young victim up for a spine-crushing piledriver. A breathtaking sleeper ends the first fall for poor Sinn. And even though the determined Sinn comes on strong at the start of the second fall, the tables turn quickly on her and it appears that the first damaging defeat was only the first of many she will face against the fearsome fury of Hurricane Havana.

specialty wrestlingOur second match has the sensationally sadistic Sandy ready to tear her debuting opponent Arlene limb from limb. Once again it's the big, brutal blonde versus a tiny brunette challenger, who comes on strong with a kick to Sandy's stomach that floors Sandy and sets the golden-haired champ for a choke hold. Sandy elbows her way out and body-slams Arlene to the canvas, trapping the tiny tyro in a head scissors. A clothesline, leg drop and figure-four leglock seems to turn the tide in Sandy's favor but the slippery Arlene continues to escape the veteran's traps. Sandy is floored by a clothesline and is straddled by the brunette. Arlene really surprises Sandy when she manages to escape Sandy's infamous sleeper hold. Arlene's inexperience may prove her greatest weakness, however as she can't seem to capitalize on any advantage she has for long. Her bikini top is torn off and used to choke her, weakening the little brunette enough so that Sandy's next sleeper hold is definitely effective. Arlene is all sass and bravado coming into the next fall, and gives Sandy some hard moments, slamming her against the turnbuckle and flipping Sandy to the mat. But Sandy is nobody's pushover and as Arlene's topless body is stretched over the top corner ropes for some belly punches, it seems that yet another victim may lay crushed at the heel of a heel.

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