specialty wrestlingMia finds Honey sitting in the backyard admiring her long slender legs wrapped beguilingly in black stockings. Mia contends that her own legs are more powerful and challenges the young Brit to a match to prove it. Honey, in bodice, skirt and heels, doesn't think she's properly dressed for a wrestling match, but that doesn't seem to matter to the bullying Mia who punches Honey in the face. And drags her into the ring by the hair. Inside the squared circle Mia kicks and stomps the dazed blonde with her stocking feet. Jumping on Honey's back Mia bends the English girl backward with a full nelson and follows that with a figure-four head scissors that knocks Honey out. And the match hasn't officially started! Honey vows to dominate Mia and removes her skirt and shoes to start the contest. Honey makes good on her threat as she lets the fists and legs fly at the stunned Mia. Mia is bounced off the ropes to a kick in the belly and is ignominiously draped upside down in the corner as Honey stomps the brunette in the belly, followed by a senses-sapping foot choke to the throat. When Mia awakens she is knocked back to the mat and her legs, the ones she said were stronger than Honey's, are stomped again and again by vengeful golden haired babe fro Britain. Honey batters Mia bloody and continues the beating until Mia is just a punching bag on wobbly legs.

specialty wrestlingThe beginning of our next match begins with tough girl Devon Michaels in her living room preparing for an interview alongside the cocky Tina Z. whom she will be fighting the following day. Applying make-up and putting on a skirt, top and pantyhose over her pink underwear, Devon climbs into her ultra-high heels and makes her way to the yard where Tina Z, sporting her new Mohawk haircut and the DT Championship belt, waits impatiently. The trash talk continues during the interview until the two tigresses decide not to get it on right then and now. Stripping down to their underwear and stockings the war is on! Tina Z wastes no time getting Devon in a headlock, but Devon reverses it into an arm bar. Slamming Tina Z's head into the turnbuckle Devon staggers the proud champ with blows and karate chops. This really knocks much of the fight out of Tina Z and she is knocked out pretty quickly to end the first fall. A punch to Devon's face only seems to fuel Devon's hate and she staggers Tina Z with a barrage of punches to the head and ribs. This match is finally ended with a head scissors submission after which the loser is subjected to some foot-kissing humiliation.

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