topless wrestlingIt's a battle of the titans as the muscular Kristie once again faces the big, buxom Shannan. The ring-savvy Kristie quickly catches Shannan in a headlock and powers her down to the mat for a camel clutch. Tiring of this Kristie deftly works this into an agonizing leg scissor, full-nelson combination. The desperate Shannan halts Kristie's momentum by punching the grappling vet and secures a waist scissors of her own. Shannan then uses a series of surfboards and bow and arrow stretches to further her own advantage, but is stonewalled when Kristie uses fists and clawholds to turn the tables. Head scissors, canopy lifts, toe holds, body presses, arm stretches, scissors and just plain chokes and blows are applied with deadly efficacy as the two tusslers lose their tops, but not their drive. It isn't until one valiant lady is crushed by a series of neck scissors that a final victor emerges and one topless winner poses over a breathless loser.

topless wrestlingIt's expert wrestler versus talented catfighter as the tall and voluptuous Vanessa Harding is pitted against the enticing Diana Knight. Diana surprises the more experienced Vanessa when she manages to toss the veteran to the mat and straddles her for a pin. Vanessa quickly counters by trapping Diana's long legs in a scissors hold that has the raven-haired beauty wincing in pain. Proving she can catfight like the best of them, Vanessa bites Diana's toes for added punishment. Breaking free, Diana traps Vanessa's head between her powerful thighs and puts on the pressure. It's a study in contrasts as the ever-serious Vanessa gets tired of Diana's bouncy, upbeat demeanor. Intent of smashing the smile from Diana's face Vanessa pounds away at her opponent. Diana kicks Vanessa to the mat and, with toothy smile still gleaming, traps Vanessa in a surfboard hold. Followed by a chinlock and head vise. There's a whole lot of hitting, choking, squeezing, stomping and tossing between these two firebrands as they grapple their hearts out. Diana loses her top halfway through, but this doesn't slow her down one whit. A sleeper finally sends one bosomy battle babe into oblivion.

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