nude wrestlingWhen bikini-clad Julie Winchester arrives to visit Nefertiti, she is ambushed by the angry black girl, who is obviously still nursing some grudge against the willowy redhead. Nefertiti straddles Julie and begins peeling off the white girl's flimsy suit. With her victim suitably stripped, Nefertiti begins working Julie over, digging her nails into Julie's exposed crotch and twisting Julie's nipples like a bottle cap. Nefertiti obviously enjoys white meat as she digs her teeth into Julie's fleshy chest. Poor Julie is slapped and choked without mercy or abandon as her naked body is subjected to one torture after another. Her ass is spanked; her head is smashed to the floor and her arms are stretched to the breaking point. Nefertiti removes her own top to breast-smother Julie into unconsciousness and get her to the bed. Nefertiti prepares to tie Julie to the bed, but her supposed victim suddenly springs back to life and the black girl finds herself struggling underneath Julie's nude body as the white girl goes for some hot-blooded payback.

nude wrestlingIn our second story, Stacy Burke and Venus DeLight face each other in the parlor, each bragging about past catfight conquests and laying down a challenge. Venus looks bigger and stronger, but Stacy is smaller and faster and ducks Venus' initial charges. Venus is frustrated as Stacy keeps dodging her assaults and kicking Venus at every turn. Venus finally clamps Stacy by the head and uses a full nelson to force the smaller blonde's face to the floor. Adding a waist scissors to the mix, Venus has Stacy totally at her mercy and proceeds to strip Stacy of her top. Stacy struggles even more when Venus catches her in a head scissors, but the littler girl refuses to submit. Straddling the squirming girl, Venus strips off Stacy's provocative outfit and begins to have a grand old time with her naked plaything. Stacy's nipples are pinched and bitten and Stacy's breasts are stained with Venus' bright red lipstick. Venus delights in hearing Stacy scream and she enjoys it even more as she digs her talons into Stacy's bare crotch. It seems that one poor naked girl is going to be sleeping a long while after this day is done.

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