catfight wrestlingDiana Knight, in a tiny leopard-print bikini, faces bouncy blonde mat veteran Candi, dressed in a bright red one-piece. Diana surprises Candi with a rib-crushing reverse bearhug that forces the air out of Candi's lungs. Following up with a face-to-face bearhug, Diana tries to deflate her fair-haired opponent even more. Candi is totally wasted as Diana uses her lower body, crotch and tush as weapons as she bumps Candi over and over. After being trapped in the ropes and caught in a full nelson Candi's body finally yields to the inevitable and Diana wins the first fall. There's not much fight left in Candi as the second fall begins and Diana has no problem knocking the little blonde out cold in short order. Knowing that victory is assured, Diana decides to prolong her triumph by playing with her new rag doll, reawakening Candi from time to time just so she can knock her out again. Candi had made her reputation as a catfighting queen, but here she appears to be totally and humiliatingly dethroned.

catfight wrestlingTwo bountiful blondes, all-American beauty Jana and bodacious Brit Goldie, go at it topless in our next ring encounter. Goldie ambushes Jana as she punches her opponent mercilessly before the opening bell. Jana's body is hammered as she is trapped in her corner. Goldie throws Jana down on the canvas and clamps a chinlock on the dazed Yank. Getting to her feet, Jana exchanges slaps and punches with Goldie until she manages to trap Goldie in the corner and exacts a bit of hard-knuckled payback, adding some choking for good measure. After knocking Goldie to the mat, Jana almost pins the English wildcat, but Goldie breaks out before the final count. Goldie takes the offensive again and batters Jana in another corner of the ring. Goldie attempts a pin, but this time it is Jana who powers herself free. The hard-hitting action goes back and forth as beautiful, big-busted bodies are throttled and mauled and their big breasts are squished against each other in a series of brutal topless bearhugs that finally saps the last vestiges of strength from one breathless battler.

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