mixed wrestlingBosomy hardbody Tylene is definitely not impressed with Peter's physique and is determined to take the dude down. A long test of strength seems to have them evenly matched as they struggle chest-to-chest for superiority. Peter finally forces Tylene into the corner and repeatedly smashes the blonde with his chest. Tylene finally powers her way out and returns the favor, using her ample breasts as battering rams. Peter's chest becomes Tylene's target of choice as she digs her fingers into his clean white pecs. A series of body splashes sets Peter up for the pin and Tylene senses that this is going to be a fun day. The fun really begins, however, once Tylene's top is off and she presses her hard firm breasts over and over again against Peter's chest, especially in a long, grinding chest-to-chest bearhug. The nipple-to-nipple action continues as Tylene lies on top of her hapless male opponent as he lies on his back. Peter's stamina starts to ebb away as the terrific Tylene goes in for the kill.

mixed wrestlingStacy, with her teammates Candi and Anastasia in her corner, is all confidence in our second ring match as she is the first to face the compact, but muscular Leonard in this three-against-one handicap match. However, the busty blonde may have underestimated her male foe as he quickly downs her with a clothesline and body slam. An over-the-knee backbreaker softens Stacy up even more an she gets thrown to the mat again and again. A reverse bearhug and airplane spin totally wipes out Stacy and Leonard pins her decisively. It is then Candi's turn to fight for female superiority, but soon finds herself struggling for survival as well as she goes through the same gauntlet of torture, including an over-the-shoulder backbreaker and a piledriver. Candi goes splat on the canvas as Leonard pins her as well. Can Anastasia succeed where her two teammates have failed? Several; trips to the mat makes Anastasia's chances for victory exceedingly slim.

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