topless wrestlingThe sizzling Nicole Moore (making her DT debut) saunters into the wrestling ring dressed in a provocative red mini-dress, red stockings and heels—and the DT championship belt—which Anastasia Pierce, dressed similarly in black is determined to take for herself. After some trash talk the challenge is made and accepted as the two hellcats remove their shoes and strip of their dresses, Anastasia defiantly starting the match topless. From the outset, each girl takes turns trouncing her opponent in the corner until Anastasia downs Nicole with a clothesline, which Nicole counters with two fold. Bitch slapping Anastasia in the corner, the blonde Nicole, her breasts now dangling free as well, adds some knees to the gut for good measure. A power drop that sends Anastasia's head crashing to the mat knocks the brunette out, giving the first fall to Nicole. Anastasia goes into the second fall at full throttle but runs headlong into a head scissors as Nicole props herself on the top turnbuckle. Nicole stretches Anastasia's arm and wriggles her way into a reverse facesit, sending Anastasia quiveringly into dreamland yet again. This match degenerates into a clawing, mauling melee as both girls end up bloodied and one beaten babe humbled, forced to kiss the feet of her merciless opponent.

topless wrestlingNext we begin with the fabulous Francesca, in crop top, shorts and boots doing ab crunches on an exercise ball as Tasha, dressed similarly, enters the ring and digs her fist into Francesca's extended belly. Francesca shakes the attack off and hangs herself upside down from the top ropes, stretching out her tight stomach and challenging Tasha to punch it. After priming the Latina's belly with her tongue, Tasha happily obliges and sinks her fist yet again into Francesca's navel. Tasha's punches come fast and deep, but Francesca just keeps asking for more. The tables are turned as Tasha is stretched over the exercise ball while Francesca buries her knuckles deeply into the blonde's belly button. As they begin to strip off their shorts they begin banging their stomachs into each other. Finally in just their bikinis and boots the hard-hitting hellions each try to pulverize the belly of the other, sometimes resorting to using their high-heeled boots and even a walking stick for further damage. One belly-beaten babe is finally through for the day, and one proud winner literally enjoys the taste of victory.

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