superheroine wrestlingBeautiful blonde Alpha-Girl (Tylene Buck) is the host of a superheroine talk show and her guest is noted bad girl Superia (played by buxom bondage queen Christina Carter in her DT debut). Superia had consented to taking a lie detector test with the results being aired on Alpha-Girl's show. Asked some rather personal questions, Alpha-Girl catches Superia in one lie after another. During the interview Alpha-Girl learns that the villainess has been sleeping with the blonde heroine's boyfriend and all hell breaks loose on the set. The busty super babes tear, claw and choke each other from the couch to the floor. Superia even unmasks Alpha-Girl on the air, revealing her secret identity to the world. Pouring on the insults, Superia pulls down Alpha-Girl's leotard, exposing the heroine's impressive tits to all of TV Land. Superia bares her own mammoth jugs to show up the humiliated heroine. Alpha-Girl tries to end this fracas by taking her super-vitamin power pill but Superia takes the bottle from her. After toying with the super-hostess, Superia finally allows Alpha-Girl to take one of her power pillsÑexcept that Superia has switched the pill bottles and Alpha-Girl is in worse trouble than she was before. And then, when Superia herself takes the power pillÉ

fantasy wrestlingOur next super-saga begins with superheroine Lady Ebony (Tina Z.) surreptitiously filming the white-suited Queenpin (Coral Sands) going over some computer files that will guarantee the villainess' total control over her criminal empire. Now having enough evidence to convict the evil crime lord, Lady Ebony confronts the Queenpin. At first it appears that Lady Ebony's cockiness may be her undoing as the Queenpin overwhelms the crimefighter with punches to face and body, but Lady Ebony soon takes back the advantage and pummels and stomps the downed bad girl. The heroine's momentum is stopped dead in its track as the Queenpin shoots a toxic spray into Lady Ebony's mouth. The black-garbed heroine chokes in agony and she becomes easy prey for the wily villainess. Despite several more lethal maneuvers, Lady Ebony won't stay down. Eventually, a sleeper hold sends Lady Ebony into unconsciousness as the Queenpin plots her next moveÑa trip to the hot tub where she proceeds to drown the groggy heroine. Can our heroine survive this deadly dunking?

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