topless wrestlingDT welcomes two new pro-style fighters to the ring as slender brunette Lia Labowe, in a black bikini, faces blonde Nikki Fierce, whose skimpy red bikini exposes a milky white canvass illustrated with tattoos. Nikki wastes no time and follows up a headlock with repeated blows to Lia's belly. Nikki then makes the mistake of stopping her assault to taunt her dark-haired opponent, giving the lithe Lia a chance to recharge and clamp a headlock on the overconfident blonde. Lia's triumph is brief, however and she finds herself caught in a cross-arm chokehold weakening her so that she offers little resistance to Nikki's barrage of chokes, punches and a backbreaking chinlock that forces Lia to surrender, conceding the first round to the tattooed terror. Lia comes on strong in the second round and pummels the defiant Nikki in the corner with belly punches and a hard flip to the mat, Nikki is further brutalized with leg scissors and head smashes to the canvas, even as the blonde's verbal threats degenerate to screams of pain. A crude Boston crab proves too much for Nikki and it is Lia who stands triumphant at the end of the second fall. Nikki regains her momentum in round three and tortures Lia with a figure four leg lock. Back and forth it goes until a final camel clutch leaves one wrestler beaten and a the other laughing with victorious glee.

pro-style wrestlingWhile both combatants were evenly matched in the first match, Jana appears totally outclassed as the beautiful blonde dares to take on the sadistic heel, Sandy. Jana's magnificent figure is displayed proudly in her tiny red bikini, making her even more of a tantalizing target of destruction for sandy. The poor tyro is worked over with body punches while trapped in the corner and makes several hard landings on the mat. While Jana does get in a headlock on Sandy and actually knocks the big blonde down to the canvas during the match, for the most part it's total devastation for the sexy young blonde. Jana is caught in one excruciating hold after another, including arm stretches, waist scissors, figure-four leglocks, bearhugs and even a neck scissors applied while Sandy sits on the corner turnbuckle. When the inevitably topless Jana finds herself in the receiving end of a sleeper in each fall, it is quite evident that she is totally outclassed and Sandy is downright gleeful at teaching this nubile newbie a painful and violent lesson. As Jana is propped spread eagle in the corner, her weary face is stripped of any hope of victory. Another knockout would be the ultimate act of mercy.

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