superheroine wrestlingWhen Candy finds Santana nude and bound in the center of the ring it's a temptation to delicious to resist. The bouncy blonde decides to use Santana as her torture toy and proceeds to straddle the exotic victim and tweaks Santana's breasts, tortures her legs and plants her round rump on the Latina's face. After a few more smothering maneuvers, Candy unties Santana and begins grappling with the weakened nudist, trapping Santana in a variety of holds and maneuvers. Santana is a whimpering wimp as Candy, now naked herself, assaults her with scissor holds, headlocks and bearhugs as she piles on the humiliation with spanks to the rump and breast smothers. Tiring of these tactics, Candy decides to tie Santana's hands behind her again—trussing up her savory package for further punishment and dominance.

superheroine wrestlingOur next nude caper features longtime DT favorite Julie Winchester professing her superiority to young black beauty Nefertiti. Both girls start off in tight dresses and heels, but you know that they won't be wearing them for long. The trash talk continues as they strip down to bikinis to begin their ring match. They begin by catching each other in dual headlocks that leads to a crushing waist scissors from Julie. As they grapple, they claw at each other's bikinis, finally tearing them off as they battle as the earliest wrestlers did—stark naked. Nudity seems to liberate these fighting felines as they scissor, kick, punch and grapple for wrestling bragging rights. Buttocks and crotches are now exposed to clawing and spanking and nipples are pinched, hair is pulled and faces are sat on as these immodest adversaries find more and more ways to crush and pin each other. One humiliated loser ends up bent over the ring ropes and tied up, her rump propped up and exposed to some final degradation.

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