superheroine wrestlingVoluptuous Vanessa Harding is one of the most respected wrestlers in the industry. Jewell Marceau is a catfighter. This would appear to be quite the mismatch—but there are always surprises to be found in the unlikeliest of places. Jewell starts strong with a headlock but Vanessa quickly traps Jewell in a double armbar. Surviving this maneuver and more arm holds Jewell wriggles free and snares Vanessa in a waist scissors. Jewell's flimsy top soon falls away but Vanessa remains covered throughout the match. Toplessness has never been a hindrance for Jewell—in fact, it only seems to spur her on. Jewell actually manages to put Vanessa on the defensive with more scissors and headlocks, but Vanessa retaliates with a crushing bearhug. Ever confident, Vanessa tries to pin Jewell several times, but the bosomy brunette just won't stay down. With body blows, splashes and more twists and turns than a pretzel this contest is a lot more even than one would have thought, and the wrestler may have definitely underestimated the catfighter. Can Jewell Marceau actually bring about the fall of Vanessa Harding?

superheroine wrestlingTwo of DT's most fabled grapplers, Mia, ("The California Kid") and Francesca ("The Wildcat") return once more to the ring for another wild and wooly catfight. Francesca, wearing a black one-piece tells Mia to take of her denim jeans and strip down to her bikini. Mia challenges Francesca to fight her for that privilege—and it's a challenge the fiery Latina is more than happy to accept. Francesca quickly digs her claws into Mia's crotch, but the California Kid counters with a crushing headlock and rams the Wildcat's head into the turnbuckle. The hellions tumble to the mat and Francesca wraps her muscular legs around Mia's waist, belly punching her in the stomach for added measure. Mia reverses the advantage and splashes her body repeatedly against the flattened Francesca. Throughout all this the determined Francesca keeps tugging on Mia's belt—hell-bent on getting to Mia's rainbow-colored bikini panties. And when Francesca eventually succeeds Mia's punishment is only just beginning. Francesca does her best to finish the Marvelous Mia off, but totally underestimates her opponent. When Francesca finds herself on the receiving end of a smothering facesit, it looks like Mia has won the match—but it ain't over yet.

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