superheroine wrestlingFour stunning beauties compete for the chance to challenge reigning titleholder Tanya Danielle for the World Topless Boxing Association championship. Introduced and interviewed by referee Christine Dupree are the challengers Crystal White, Goldie Blair, Hollywood and Tylene Buck.

Match One: Crystal "Brilliant" White returns after an extended absence to take on newcomer Tylene "The Dream" Buck. While both girls start off strong, Tylene's inexperience has her caught in the corner and playing the part of punching bag several times in the first two rounds. By the subsequent rounds, however, Tylene gives as good as she gets and it is Crystal who goes down first. The match is decided when one blonde is totally knocked out.

superheroine wrestlingMatch Two: Goldie "The Bad Girl" Blair returns to face the one and only Hollywood. Having to compensate for her opponent's longer reach, the Bad Girl starts off strong as she and Hollywood trade blows with equal effectiveness. When Hollywood goes down in the third round it appears that the dark horse British bombshell may surprise everyone. Hollywood, however, does not like surprises and rallies hard to save face. This match ends in a decision.

superheroine wrestlingMatch Three: The two tallest contenders, Crystal and Hollywood square off. Hollywood is the more experienced pugilist and thus it is Crystal who hits the canvas first in the first fall. When Crystal is knocked down a second time it is only the bell that saves her from being counted out. The Brilliant blonde will need to do a lot of catch up if she intends to beat the Hollywood beauty. This one ends in a devastating KO.

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