superheroine wrestlingNewcomer Anastasia Pierce must really be a glutton for punishment as she dares to challenge champion powerhouse Kristie Etzold. Kristie quickly takes charge in a test of strength that brings the beauteous brunette to her knees. Anastasia is soon on her back struggling against body presses, head scissors,, but manages to wriggle herself on top of Kristie and gouges the veteran's eyes. Not a smart move. Kristie pounds Anastasia in the corner and devastates the pale-skinned brunette with stomps, punches, hairpulls and a series of clotheslines followed by leg and elbow smashes. As Kristie traps Anastasia in hold after another, she contemptuously peels off Anastasia's bikini top to further humiliate her outgunned opponent. But Anastasia is determined to give Kristie a run for her money and almost pins the powerful veteran. Anastasia even manages to get a few good holds on Kristie herself, but Kristie's arsenal seems limitless. An airplane spin followed by stomps to the belly and another chokehold further weakens the brave but outclassed Anastasia. It's obvious that this lovely novice has the heart and ambition, but will that be enough to overcome Kristie's experience and sheer power?

superheroine wrestlingWhen Jazz first faced Sandy the Heel she was practically torn apart. Yet, here she is again, willing to prove herself in the ring by enduring yet another brutal baptism of fire—and Sandy is more than willing to perform the baptism—or is it Last Rites? The early moments see Jazz actually reversing Sandy's arm bar and getting a brief advantage over the sinister blonde, but the moment of glory fades quickly as Sandy body slams Jazz hard on the canvas. But Jazz is remarkably resilient as she punches her way out of a sitting arm stretch and traps Sandy in an impressive reverse surfboard hold. But the veteran escapes and snapmares the redhead to the mat and stomping Jazz while she's down. Bodies are twisted like pretzels, hair is pulled and each gets their turn flying hard onto the mat. Unfortunately for Jazz, another shattering bodyslam snuffs out all the momentum she had built up and she is caught in one of Sandy's notorious and deadly sleeper holds. Jazz struggles mightily but the end is inevitable. The first fall ends with Jazz totally unconscious at the feet of the sadistic Sandy. It looks like Jazz may have bitten off more than she can chew—again.

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