superheroine wrestlingDT proudly welcomes the exotic Cherokee to its wrestling ranks as this Native American beauty goes against the magnificently proportioned Devon Michaels. These two mocha beauties quickly try to size each other up until Cherokee ends up on top of Devon, hoping for a quick pin. No chance of that as Devon powers out and clamps Cherokee in a reverse waist scissors. This doesn't last long, however, as Cherokee turns the table and clamps a head scissors on the surprised Devon. Their skimpy bikini tops start proving woefully inadequate as these two tigresses resort to hairpulling and clawing each other in the privates to gain an advantage. Once unmoored bouncing breasts are used as weapons as one grappler tries to breast smother the other. As these two luscious bodies twist and tangle around each other sometimes it's difficult to determine where one girl begins and the other ends. This violent little Cherokee is on a destructive warpath. Will Devon lose her scalp? A final choke and pin answers that question.

superheroine wrestlingTwo of our bigger girls, the muscular Kristie, in black bikini, and the voluptuous Shannan, in a polka dot top and frilly skirt, confront each other for the first time and it's intense all the way. Shannan wastes no time as she ambushes Kristie before the opening bell and forces her to the mat. The attack quickly backfires as Shannan finds her neck clamped inside Kristie's powerful figure-four leg scissors. Kristie then works her butt over Shannan's face and follows that with a schoolgirl straddle. Kristie just wants to see Shannan squirm. Shannan finally manages to get Kristie snared in a head scissors of her own, adding a hand smother to take more of the fight out of the big redhead. As Shannan presses her knee down on Kristie's throat, the tough Kristie is definitely going to have to rally and rally big. Lots of stomping, smothers, a standing head scissors and an over-the-knee backbreaker are inflicted and endured until one big, bold battler is through for the day.

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