superheroine wrestlingWe begin at an ending—a match is drawing to a close as a bloodied Diana lies crushed and defeated at the hands of the infamous Francesca. We then cut to another day and find Diana on the phone begging for a rematch. Each lady starts the rematch in bikini and hose, with Francesca flaunting her championship belt. The tigresses tear into each other immediately, trading blows to the face and fingernail rakes across the eyes. Diana knees the frazzled Francesca several times in the gut before slamming the lovely Latin's face into the canvas. Slamming her leg across Francesca's throat, the defiant Diana delights in meting out her vengeance. Diana uses her butt to pin Francesca down for the ten-count, winning the first fall. Her fire fully ignited, Diana traps Francesca in her own corner and pummels her mercilessly with knees, punches and even karate chops to the throat. A sitting head scissors forces Francesca to surrender the second fall. But this isn't a trounce by any means as Diana loses at least one round to a facesit knockout. However, this defeat only seems to galvanize Diana's resolve and the beautiful Ms. Knight sets out to totally destroy Francesca. Diana's payback plays out violently—although Diana won't be satisfied until her victory is marked in blood!

superheroine wrestlingTasha is out for payback of her own in our next match—and her target is Tina Z. Dressed in bra, mini-skirt, and hose, Tasha confronts the similarly dressed Tina Z outside the ring and challenges the dark-haired Italian to a battle in the squared circle. Tasha goads Tina Z until the fiery brunette loses her temper and charges at the willowy blonde from her corner—exactly as Tasha planned. Tasha sidesteps deftly and Tina rams her head into the turnbuckle. As Tina falls face down on the mat, Tasha stomps on her back, setting off a chain reaction of punishment that will all but destroy the brunette. A chinlock is quickly followed by an arm stretch, which segues into a face-to crotch head scissors that knocks poor Tina Z out. But this is too quick a victory. Tasha pulls Tina Z up by the arm and swings her into the ropes. Tina Z bounces off into a body-shattering clothesline that topples her to the mat. Tasha then resorts to hard punches to rearrange Tina Z's lovely face. Tina's topless body is kicked in the crotch, the buttocks and anywhere that Tasha can get to. Tina Z is definitely getting zapped!

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