superheroine wrestling Two of DT's newest blonde sensations, Tylene Buck and Ahmo Hight, are pictures of physical perfection as they preen and pose at the start of their match, with Ahmo even lifting herself upside down on the ropes. Ahmo quickly takes Tylene down and uses her body to squash Tylene to the mat. These girls really seem to enjoy being in the ring as their laughter intermingles with screams of pain. Their limber bodies tangle into each other as they tumble around the ring. Inevitably, they both lose their tops and Ahmo tries to knock Tylene out with a chokehold. Ahmo's flexibility is particularly impressive as she tries to pin Tylene while doing a split. Each buxom blonde takes her turn tossing and twisting the other girl's body and the ring is a flurry of flailing limbs and twisting bodies. There is little science in this catfight, but these beautiful battlers go all out for victory. Despite the apparent giddiness of their trash talk, these sinewy sirens really mean business.

superheroine wrestlingNext, the wondrously zaftig Shannan lets loose her fury against the bodacious Hollywood as the two bikinied beauties grasp hands for an initial test of strength in the ring. Hollywood kicks Shannan repeatedly in the stomach and the bosomy Shannan falls to the mat. Hollywood follows up with a figure-four leglock, which tortures Shannan, but can't make her quit. After surrendering her inadequate bikini top, Shannan tries to break out of Hollywood's headlock, eventually catching Hollywood, now topless as well, in a fireman's carry, bouncing Hollywood's belly on Shannan's shoulder. Hollywood retaliates by attacking Shannan while she's trapped in the corner, punishing Shannan's crotch with a series of hard kicks. Shannan pays back in kind but soon is trapped in a standing neck scissors. Shannan does get her licks in as she catches Hollywood in a camel clutch followed by a bow and arrow stretch that causes Hollywood to yowl in pain. Body flips, arm stretches, neck scissors, bearhugs and body splashes are but a small sampling of the weapons of destruction these battling babes inflict on one another. A final breathtaking sleeper saps the fight out of one proud beaten brunette.

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