superheroine wrestlingThe powerfully built Kristie knows that all she has to do to beat Alana is to trap her opponent in one of her inescapable bearhugs, but that may prove a lot easier said than done. Kristie charges at Alana but the black girl knocks Kristie down with her foot. The dark and deadly Alana really gives the solidly built Kristie a surprisingly good going over for the early part of their match She traps Kristie in a waist scissors and follows that a choke hold and hip toss. Kristie is tossed around the ring and is caught in a chin lock that has her flailing for escape. Arm stretches, stomps and belly blows seem to be giving the edge to Alana, but Kristie remains defiant. In fact, Kristie seems to be getting angrier with each pounding. Alana, however, is enjoying her victorious ways—until Kristie finally gets her muscular arms around Alan's neck and squeezes the fight out of her chocolate-skinned opponent. Waist scissors further deplete Alana's energy and when Kristie starts clamping on those rib-cracking bearhugs of hers, the agony may be too hard for the ebony grappler to bear—or even survive.

superheroine wrestlingNext, raven-haired beauty Diana Knight, dressed in white teddy, hose and boots sits by ring for an interview as Cassie, in black bra, tights and heels, looks on contemptuously. Cassie is holding on to her championship belt and doesn't intend on letting Diana take it away. Removing their footwear the combatants are given their instructions for this multi-fall, anything goes match. And Cassie takes that to heart as she kicks Diana in the gut right from the start and follows with a knee to Diana's face that sends the brunette down. The blonde continues her assault by stomping Diana and snares the dark-haired beauty's head in several standing head scissors followed by atomic dropping Diana's head to the mat. Cassie plants her knee on the struggling Diana's throat and the humbled Ms. Knight is counted out. Diana vows payback but Cassie has other plans as she tosses Diana all around the ring. Cassie's face and body blows further weaken Diana and Diana is taken out by a wicked sleeper hold. It looks like this may be Cassie's day to shine. But the day is far from over—and the Knight has not fallen yet.

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