superheroine wrestlingIt seems like the start of just another bikini match as Santana and Lisa face each other in the ring—but you know that, eventually, someone's gotta get naked! Lisa tries to belittle Santana even though the Latin powerhouse had already beaten Lisa before. But this time, Lisa's upping her odds by rushing Santana before the opening belt and wrapping her fingers tightly around Santana's throat. Forcing Santana to the mat, Lisa's presses her advantage—until Santana punches Lisa's face, bloodying her overconfident opponent's lip. Now, Santana is out for payback and she kicks and stomps poor Lisa and rips off Lisa's bra. Pinching Lisa's breasts is but a prelude to what tortures and punishment Santana has in mind. Santana digs her fingers into Lisa's crotch and corners the hapless redhead as she removes Lisa's panties. Further crotch torture and knees to the body convulses Lisa with pain. Lisa is punched, thrown, kicked and stomped mercilessly as Santana relishes her own savagery. She even gets to ride her beaten victim like a pony. Lisa so wants the agony to be ended, but Santana is just having too much fun.

superheroine wrestlingThere's no disqualification for hitting below the belt in the boxing match between busty Brit Yvonne and blonde and bouncy Stacy as both pugilists start their slugfest with no belts at all. In fact they're totally nude—except, of course, for their boxing gloves. The blows come fast and furious as the kitten from California trades leather with the hellion from Britain. No body parts are spared as Stacy and Yvonne find one new fleshy target after another. Breasts, bellies, crotches and faces are all fair game for hard punches that leave both girls staggered, but determined to win. As one fall ends, one beauty angers the other by going to the wrong corner. Sometimes a fighter doesn't even get a chance to leave her own corner before her opponent charges in with a battery of painful punches. Each girl takes her turn kissing the canvas, but in the end, one tired adversary is finally knocked out, totally battered and beaten into oblivion.

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