superheroine wrestlingCan no one stand up to Sandy the Heel? A confident Laeiana thinks she can—but will her inexperience be her ultimate undoing? Laeiana holds her own in an initial test of strength, but Sandy's ring savvy (and meanness) takes her down with a kick to the stomach followed by an arm bar. An infuriated Laeiana rallies and flips Sandy to the canvas and wraps her tanned legs around the brutal blonde's waist. Sandy pries herself out and digs her foot into Laeiana's crotch as she torturously yanks the brunette's legs. As Sandy holds Laeiana in a reverse headlock the blonde heel undoes the exotic beauty's bikini top to bare Laeiana's impressive breasts. Now Laeiana's really pissed! She monkey-flips a startled Sandy to the canvas and straddles and chokes the fallen blonde. A claw hold to Sandy's face adds to the punishment. Sandy quickly recovers and batters the less-experienced challenger in the corner for some severe scissors torment. While sitting on the turnbuckle Sandy clamps her deadly sleeper on the hapless Laeiana and the tanned tigress struggles futilely for survival. The first fall is Sandy's—and Laeiana's got a lot of catching up to do.

superheroine wrestlingThe young and sleek Brit Honey is determined to chalk up her first victory and targets our fiery Latin Francesca in the next hard-hitting, multi-fall fight-fest. Honey catches Francesca in a cross-armed choke with Honey's foot planted in Francesca's back. The Latin spitfire stops Honey with a blow to the belly and traps the cute British bird in a crushing waist scissors, choking Honey for good measure. Honey tortures Francesca with a figure-four leglock. However, Honey almost gets counted out as Francesca punches her way out and catches Honey in a matchbook pin. This match turns out fairly evenly matched as both wrestlers give as good as they get. Limbs are stretched and bodies are bruised in this titanic tussle. Francesca even stuns Honey with an airplane spin.. A camel clutch followed by an abdominal stretch forces Francesca to submit and the first fall goes to Honey. An enraged Francesca rips off her own bikini top in defiance and catches Honey of guard with punches and blows as the second fall begins. Has Honey unleashed an unstoppable beast—or will Francesca's hellfire be snuffed out by this ambitious grappler from across the pond?

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