superheroine wrestlingDT welcomes two unbelievably beautiful newcomers to the ring as dazzling blondes Jana Cat and Ahmo Hight step into the wrestling ring in their awesome catfight debut. The action in this delicious donnybrook may not be polished, but these jaw-dropping eyefuls really make up for it in sheer energy. The smaller Ahmo takes charge first as she pins Jana to the mat and uses her tight ass to pound on Jan's taut belly. Jana escapes and smacks Ahmo in the butt, but Ahmo quickly scissors Jan's waist. This leads to Jana tearing away at Ahmo's top and soon both blondes are bearing their beautiful breasts to the summer sun. But, instead of instilling embarrassment, these hotties seem to revel in their toplessness and they trash talk and attack each other with absolute giddiness. Ahmo shows her athleticism by somersaulting into an upside down waist scissors, but Jana counters by spinning Ahmo to the mat. Hard bodies tussle and twist all over the ring as the girls exhibit both savagery and limberness. One tired lady finally succumbs to a sleeper, leaving one victorious newbie lording over the other.

superheroine wrestlingNext up, both Jana Cat and Tylene Buck are fighting their second DT match—and one gorgeous blonde goddess will have to endure her first defeat. After sizing one another out by shoving each other, Tylene finally takes charge by choking Jana against the ropes. More pushing and hairpulling follow until Tylene forces Jana on her back and pounds Jana's head on the mat. Inevitably, both battling babes end up topless and it's soon Jana's turn to take Tylene down to the mat, choking the beautiful Ms. Buck with a ferocity rather becoming of such a lovely lady. The epithets fly as the intense dislike these girls have for each other becomes quite clear. Hair is pulled, bodies are twisted and faces are slapped in this delicious donnybrook. One girl's arm is seriously hurt and the other blonde takes advantage of it. Punches fly; bodies are tossed and fatigue starts to set in for both girls. A final vicious choke puts one valiant blonde out for the day.

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