superheroine wrestlingTwo of the wrestling world's most experienced and gorgeous female wrestlers, Hollywood and Vanessa Harding, face each other in the ring for the very first time. Vanessa is dressed in a bikini and wrestling boots while the bikini-clad Hollywood opts for bare feet. Vanessa takes the first advantage as she traps Hollywood in a wristlock and then flips the California doll to the mat, snaring Hollywood with a leg scissor and arm bar combination. Hollywood escapes and uses a forceful headlock to ram Vanessa's head into the turnbuckle, followed by a full nelson. These lovely ladies really know their way around a wrestling ring as a seemingly endless barrage of legal—and not so legal—pro-style maneuvers follow one another. Step-over toeholds, figure-four leglocks, Boston Crabs and front and rear bearhugs share mat time with stomps to the crotch and belly and blows to the body. A sunset flip seems to finally end this evenly-matched encounter, but a sore loser is determined not to take her lose lying down. It ain't over ‘til it's over between these two marvelous mat queens.

superheroine wrestlingCoral Sands isn‘t quite as experienced a wrestler, but she's definitely got moxie - which may or may not be enough when her opponent is the experienced and merciless Sandy. Coral is determined to make up for past losses as she quickly clotheslines the buxom blonde and tries to pin Sandy early. No such luck. Sandy bites her way out and flips the startled Coral over her back and into a neck scissors and arm bar. Then it is Coral's turn to be clotheslined and Sandy stomps the brunette, setting her up for an arm stretch with Sandy's foot planted hard on Coral's neck. Another clothesline and neck scissors really gets Coral mad and she breaks free to throttle Sandy with her knees and flips the bombastic blonde to the mat. Coral kicks and stomps Sandy viciously but a body slam by Sandy knocks the momentum out of the slim Coral. Some follow-up stomps and a standing head scissors soften Coral up for mind-numbing sleeper hold that ends the first fall. The following falls find a soon-topless Coral fighting for survival, and at times she looks like she'll be able to turn the tables, but will her pluck be enough? It's one knockout after another in this venture into violence.

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