superheroine wrestlingBreast fans will gorge themselves with delight as the mammoth-mammaried Utah Sweet pays a visit to the bodaciously bountiful Shelly. But this ain't no social call. Utah's convinced that her missiles are far superior to the Burbank Bomber's rack and is determined to be the best breast babe in DT's army. The monstrously huge breasts press hard against each other for what seems an eternity as the blondes try to crush each other in powerful bearhugs. The next challenge has the top-heavy tootsies putting their hands behind their backs and charging each other with their breasts. It's like watching four worlds colliding as these sensational spheres pound and push against each other repeatedly. When these maneuvers fail to yield a winner the busty battlers resort to tests of strength, including some arm wrestling. Then each girl takes a turn flat on her back as her opponent tries to crush her. In the end, only one top gun will come out on top in this bountiful breast battle.

superheroine wrestlingAs if the bosomy Burbank Bomber hadn't had enough with Utah, Shelly's next challenge comes in no less a stacked package than one of DT's most feared topless blondes, the equally buxom Sandy. Shelly is determined to become DT's top blonde, big-breasted champ and Sandy is her primary target. After circling each other, Shelly sits on a chair and Sandy straddles herself on top of her. Their breasts press against each other for long minutes with neither blonde conceding to the other. Next, Shelly and Sandy use their gargantuan globes as boxing gloves as they try to pummel each other into submission. Breasts smash into breasts as the big, bouncy babes lead hard with their chests. Bearhugs are followed by standing breast presses, still yielding no final winner. They take their contest to the carpet as one tries to crush her prostrate opponent. The contests are hard fought, but who will ultimately win this battle of the big boobs?

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