superheroine wrestlingIn our first match veteran DT firebrand Francesca Lé, in a black string bikini, takes on tall, willowy brunette Anastasia Pierce, making her DT wrestling debut in a tiny red bikini. A finger-locking test of strength is settled when Francesca kicks the new kid on the block in the gut and pounces on the fallen Anastasia. Both babes get into some savage hair-pulling, but the experienced Francesca goes further and uses Anastasia's raven locks to bash the novice's head on the mat. A desperate Anastasia claws at Francesca's breasts and Francesca responds in kind. Then the topless hellcats resort to mutual chokes that ultimately puts the new girl on top as she tries to hand smother the surprised veteran. Francesca frees herself and clamps Anastasia's head in a powerful figure-four leg scissors, following up with some hard blows to Anastasia's pale stomach. Both ladies get to their feet to trade punches and kicks until one lady goes down. Anastasia gives Francesca one heck of a workout, but will this exciting new grappler have what it takes to mount an attack that will take down the lethal Latina?

superheroine wrestlingTwo of Double Trouble's finest, Christine and Yvonne, really set out to hurt each other as they come out slugging at the beginning of the next encounter. Christine manages to trap Yvonne in a neck scissors while continuing to smack the struggling Brit and sensing a quick win. Yvonne, however, powers out deftly and throws the stunned brunette into the corner where Christine is pummeled. More punches and kicks are traded by these seasoned fighters and Yvonne tortures Christine with a crude, but effective, step-over toehold. Christine frees herself by belly-punching her English enemy and pulls off Yvonne's bikini top. Yvonne quickly uses her discarded top as a choking weapon as she pulls of Christine's bra. Now these gloriously exposed orbs make great torture targets as each woman digs her nails into her rival's full, round tits. An orgy of punches, kicks, claws, stomps and even such tried and true maneuvers like camel clutches and Boston Crabs fills this match until a fierce sleeper ends the battle for one beaten beauty.

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