In this continuation of ROCKING BOXERS (DT-643) Stacy Burke is still the referee for this topless boxing tournament featuring champion Tanya "The Body" Danielle and challengers Sabrina "The Hurricane" Stone, "Red Hot" Summer Cummings and Devon "TNT" Michaels.

Match 4: Hurricane Havana takes on the World Topless Boxing Association Champ Tanya in this battle of the blondes, which has the cutie from Cuba struggling against the firepower of The Body. Sabrina usually comes on strong but lacks endurance. Will the Hurricane be able to maintain Category-5 intensity, or will she weaken under Tanya's buffeting blows?

superheroine wrestling

Match 5: The Hurricane goes for it one more time against the unbelievably busty Summer with each bare-breasted babe looking to achieve her first win. Summer's inexperience seems to make her easy game for Sabrina, but her spirit just keeps her coming for more. Summer's punches may be Red Hot, but the Hurricane is grimly determined to end this tournament with at least one win to her name.

superheroine wrestling

Final match: The final fate of the World Topless Boxing Association championship title, and two million dollar purse is at stake as newcomer Devon trades lethal leather with The Body, Tanya Danielle. Devon really pours it on against the Champ and The Body really has to go on the defensive. There's a lot of TNT in Devon's gloves and Tanya is stunned more than once by the brunette's battering assault. The WTBA may very well see a new champ after this contest.

superheroine wrestling

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