topless catfight Wearing her DT Championship belt, Francesca is appalled to read in a magazine that Santana is ranked as the best female wrestler. When Santana arrives flaunting copies of the magazine Francesca vows to go hardcore on Santana's ass. Francesca is even willing to put her belt on the line to prove that she is indeed the best. In the ring, Francesca ambushes Santana before the bell rings and uses Santana's own robe to strangle her. The weakened Santana is then stomped and kicked out of the ring, with Francesca continuing the hard stomps beyond the ring's perimeter. Throwing Santana back into the ring by the hair, Francesca continues her unrelenting assault. But Francesca's over-confidence may prove her undoing as a missed clothesline sets her up for a staggering barrage of punches to her face. The hits just keep on coming as Francesca is thrown into the turnbuckle and pummeled until she crumples down to the mat. Santana's now hell-bent on totally destroying the Champ and draws blood with the handle of screwdriver. Francesca is a bloody, whimpering mess, and her troubles are only beginning.

topless catfightNext, curvaceous Jewell Marceau, in a skimpy blue bikini and heels, impatiently waits for Summer Cummings to arrive for their multi-fall battle. Summer sneaks up from behind and uses Jewell's braid to choke her. Trash talk abounds as these big-chested (and in Summer's case that's a gross understatement) wrestle each other to the mat. Not surprisingly the bikini tops prove quite inadequate and marvelous mounds of flesh are exposed and attacked, but the assaults aren't limited to breast torture. Crotches are mauled, necks are choked, waists are scissored and hair is yanked as these hellacious hellions really tear into each other. Flipping Summer onto the mat, Jewell straddles the top-heavy brunette and uses Summer's braid to knock her out, giving the first fall to Jewell. Jewell's bravado at the start of the second fall is short-lived as Summer pounces at her opponent and uses her mammoth mammaries to crush Jewell in the corner. A facesit smother ends the second fall, but here are many knockouts to come in this sun-drenched donnybrook.

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