topless catfight One of all-time faves, Mia Walters, a bit heavier, but no less a fighter, returns to the ring after a brief absence to prove she's still got it against the lithe Coral Sands. It's not going to be so easy though, not if Coral has anything to say about it. Coral manages to trap Mia in a full-nelson, headlock combination that has the Marvelous One struggling on the canvas. Mia tries to escape with chokes and belly punches, but Coral turns the tables and gives as good as she got. Mia tries crushing Coral with a bearhug, but Coral manages to throw Mia into the corner and throws her to the mat after some more belly blows. Mia turns the table yet again by kicking her oncoming opponent flat on her back. Each girl takes her turn pounding the other's stomach and bared breasts are mauled and tortured. Clearly there is no love lost between these two battling brunettes. Can Mia Walters keep Coral Sands down? Will Mia's infamous losing streak finally come to an end? The sight of one unconscious, topless loser, posed shamefully in defeat, provides all the answers.

Fiery Tina is determined to snap Diana Knight's winning streak. Diana seems none too worried however and takes Tina's first punch to the face without flinching. Diana throws Tina to the mat and straddles the hot-blooded Italian, but the fabulous Tina Z powers out and traps the raven-haired Diana in a crushing waist scissors. Tina laughs as Diana struggles to get out, only to wriggle herself into a head scissors with Tina keeping the pressure on. Diana breaks free and decks her opponent with a right cross. Trying to once again press her advantage, Diana is again almost thwarted by Tina's powerful legs. After being punched down yet again, Tina realizes that she has to fight fire with fire. The fists fly fast and furious as the brunettes take turns punching, kneeing and stomping one another. While there are several more scissors, full-nelsons, surfboards, bearhugs and headlocks that follow, the emphasis is on body blows as one dark-haired buxom beauty finally gets the advantage. A devastating atomic splash from the top ropes ends this match for one bikini babe.

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