pro style wrestling Sandy the Heel is back and this time it's newcomer Jazz whom she hopes to make her next victim in this multi-fall match. Jazz's early lead is soon history as Sandy traps Jazz in a body scissors. Sensing that she may have to resort to less scientific practices to keep up, Jazz bites Sandy's foot to escape. This only succeeds in getting Sandy mad as the blonde bruiser escapes an arm stretch and levels Jazz with a powerful clothesline. Sandy then batters the redhead with leg drops and body slams. Now it's Jazz who gets mad and clotheslines Sandy. The smaller girl loses her advantage--and her top--quickly and atomic drops and neck breakers rattle her body. A few stomps and a spine-shattering piledriver knock out even more of the fight out of Jazz and she is easy prey for Sandy's monstrous sleeper hold. Jazz struggles mightily, but Sandy's hold is unbreakable and Jazz slips into slumberland. The first fall belongs to Sandy--and she's determined that Jazz never experiences that taste of victory.

pro style wrestling Next, mat veteran Cheryl "Lightning" Rusa puts her experience to the test against newcomer Honey, who already showed impressive skills in her first fight with Hollywood in DT- 639. The smaller Cheryl takes Honey down with a headlock, jabbing her elbow into the blonde Brit's belly. Honey escapes with a head scissors and arm-bar combination that has the tiny titan struggling for escape. Cheryl powers out and catches the slim blonde in an arm-bar of her own. Honey manages to get to the ropes, forcing Cheryl to release her, but "Lightning" Rusa quickly catches Honey in a tight headlock. Honey barely avoids getting pinned and gets back on her feet to face her formidable, seasoned opponent. Honey is no easy mark as she takes the advantage several times during this hard-fought match. Cheryl's a living encyclopedia of wrestling holds and Honey is going to get quite the education as, contrary to the old theory, lightning strikes her again and again.

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