mixed wrestling Burly Scott really has his hands full as he takes on two lethal lovelies in the ring. First, Shannan Leigh gives Scott a real wrestling challenge with headlocks, body throws, bearhugs, scissors and even body blows traded, with Scott using his weight advantage to lift the buxom babe into an over the shoulder backbreaker. As Stacy Burke cheers her on Shannan punches Scott in the stomach, and follows up with a knee to his face. A choke and a neck scissors end it for Scott, but his troubles are far from over. Now he has to face Stacy, and she's really looking forward to nailing some male butt. Despite a better showing against the little blonde, Scott soon finds himself getting the worst of it again. And if that weren't enough, Scott is then double-teamed by the delicious duo to further crush his masculine ego.

mixed wrestlingOur second mixed encounter begins with lovely Eve Ellis posing in front of a mirror as she removes her black bra, leaving her in panties and hose. Suddenly Leonard ambushes her and clamps his hands on her throat as he punches the redhead in the belly. Demanding his stolen money, Leonard throws Eve into the couch. Enraged, Eve charges at Leonard, pins him to the floor and breast smothering him. A facesit takes even more of the fight out of Leonard and he's soon unconscious. When Eve turns away to make a phone call, Leonard awakens and snares her in a vicious bearhug. A full-nelson followed by a bow-and-arrow stretch tortures Eve some more as Leonard continues his demand for money. A waist scissors and sleeper knock Eve out and she awakens tied to a chair. After much struggling Eve undoes her bond and tries to call for help, only to have Leonard grab her from behind with a bearhug. As Eve's body is tormented with an over-the-knee backbreaker it looks unlikely that she will survive--but looks can be quite deceiving.

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