pro-style wrestling Busty, beautiful blonde Tylene Buck cuts an impressive figure as she makes her DT wrestling debut against veteran battle babe Hollywood. Tylene is evidently no stranger to the ring as these ladies swing the advantage back and forth in this tightly contested match. Hollywood is flipped to the mat, but it is Tylene who gets belly-punched in the corner. After Tylene gets flipped, it's Hollywood who later finds herself gut-punched in the corner. Curvaceous bodies are thrown, limbs are stretched and heads are rammed into the mat as these bikini beauties each vie for supremacy. Hollywood uses a finger-clasping test of strength to kick at Tylene, but the blonde uses her own leg to trip Hollywood down on the canvas. This is an impressive debut for Tylene as she gives Hollywood a real run for her money. After a lot of punching, tossing and maneuvering, a sunset flip traps one lovely lady in a pin that ends this well-fought battle.

pro-style wrestlingIn our next match it is the mat veteran who makes her DT debut against a less-experienced ring grappler. Gorgeous Vanessa Harding intends to give zesty Tina a real wrestling lesson but soon finds out that Tina has already picked up a few wrestling tricks of her own. After a headlock brings Tina to the mat both wrestlers apply leg scissors to each other. Sinewy bodies coil around each other to find an edge. Vanessa breaks out of Tina's waist scissors and traps the Italian in a headlock followed by a full-nelson. Vanessa's attempt for a fast pin fails and she resorts to some hard kicks to Tina's leg. Tina tries calling up for some hidden powers to help her, but Vanessa ends those chants by planting her foot on Tina's throat then kicking her in the stomach. The action keeps getting hotter and hotter as Tina gives the violent Vanessa a run for her money, stubbornly refusing to surrender. In the end, however, one gallant lass has to submit, but while beaten, she is not defeated. There is always tomorrow...

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