Stacy Burke is the ring announcer and referee for this topless boxing tournament featuring champion Tanya "The Body" Danielle and challengers Sabrina "The Hurricane" Stone, "Red Hot" Summer Cummings and Devon "TNT" Michaels (in her DT debut).

Match 1: Summer draws the first crack at the champ Tanya and is intent on making the most of it. Unfortunately, Summer's inexperience puts her at a distinct disadvantage and Tanya pretty much dominates the action, winning each round's decision. A TKO puts an end to one dazed boxer's misery.

topless boxing

Match 2: It's Devon against Sabrina as the Hurricane really comes on strong to really put a beating on TNT Michaels. Devon is overwhelmed by Sabrina in the early falls and it looks like an easy win for the Cuban blonde. The tables turn in the later falls as Devon starts loading her punches with TNT. A close decision determines the winner.

topless boxing

Match 3: Summer takes on Devon in this hard-hitting brawl. Again, Summer is new to the boxing ring and Devon takes advantage of Summer's inexperience. The bountiful brunette is battered pretty thoroughly by Devon, but manages to make a game fight of it. A knockout finds one brunette out for the count.

topless boxing

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