superheroine wrestling Darkraven is back! And now she's out to avenge her defeat at the hands of Super Maiden by attacking the remaining original members of the Sisterhood of Superheroines, Amazon Queen (Lisa), Femme Fatale (Francesca), Vixxen (Hollywood) and Britannia (Yvonne). After trapping the four heroines together the maniacal murderess vows to destroy each of the heroines one after the other in the Arena of Champions. And to add an extra measure of pleasure to her victory, Darkraven has each of the heroines face her dressed in Super Maiden's costume.

superheroine wrestling Britannia is the first to face the assassin in the ring and Darkraven savors every violent moment as she punctuates every blow with a perverse show tune. Britannia is thrown from corner to corner as she is punched and kicked all over the arena. Britannia's breasts are bared and battered to add humiliation to her torture. A knee to the throat sets Britannia up for a final sleeper. Then, it's Vixxen's turn to face a similar beating. A weary Vixxen finds herself manacled to the ringpost as her crotch and bared breasts are kicked, pummeled and mauled. Femme Fatale's fate is no better with a devastating airplane spin helping to prepare her for even more battering and the deadly sleeper to come. By the time Amazon Queen encounters Darkraven the evil songbird changes her tactics by bringing the heroine down with a chloroform-soaked rag and taking off Amazon Queen's boots. As Amazon Queen's body is draped over the ropes and battered it is clear that the end of the Sisterhood is near. Darkraven's revenge is brutal and complete and final as she pulls the final curtain down on four crushed superheroines.

Directed by comics superstar George Pérez.

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