48 Minutes

Two buxom brawlers duke it out as Shannan Leigh defends her bare-knuckle fight belt against the blonde Venus DeLight. Shannan takes the offensive first as she rains a series of hard punches to Venus' face. Venus is moderately impressed and returns the favor, doing her best to stagger the brazen brunette. Shannan traps Venus in the corner and pounds on the blonde's belly. The roles are reversed as Shannan's stomach is pummeled. Then each takes her turn using her knees to further slaughter the other girl's gut. Back and forth it goes, each blow doing more damage as each girl goes all out to prove who is worthy to end up with Venus boyfriend. Shannan draws first blood, but that just makes the delightful one even more determined to wipe the floor with Shannan. However, after an eternity of give and take punishment, Shannan ups the stakes when she grabs a wooden cane-- the better to beat Venus with. But Venus still doesn't go out-- and it's her turn to use the cane on Shannan. A brutal match between two violent vixens determined to get something from the other.

Our second match begins with an ending. As the enormously endowed Summer Cummings plants her foot in victory over the beaten Jewell Marceau, Stacy Burke leaps into the ring to avenge her fallen friend. When Jewell revives she joins Stacy in double-teaming the startled Summer who is smothered by face and butt into unconsciousness. After Jewell leaves Stacy is boasting to the camera, not noticing a recovered--and pissed--Summer sneaking up behind her. Summer is out to teach Stacy a hard lesson, and after a good beating leaves the little blonde unconscious on the mat. And that all happens before the actual multi-fall contest begins. Summer and Stacy really go at it with arm stretches, take downs and verbal attacks until Summer's mammoth breasts and luscious ass snuff the breath out of the smaller blonde and Summer wins the first fall. But Stacy comes on strong in the second fall and manages to strip off Summer's inadequate top and beat the bombastic brunette. Each girl will give as good she gets, but only one will walk away triumphant in the end.

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