Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies




40 Minutes

topless wrestling Francesca looks so sweet in her schoolgirl outfit that it's even more devastating to watch as Officer Hollywood sneaks up behind her and batters Francesca with her police club. After smashing away at Francesca's belly the bad cop drags the schoolgirl to the corner and bashes Francesca's leg against the ring post. Hollywood adds to the leg abuse by draping Francesca's leg over the ropes and smashing down on the student's knee. The brutality continues with a figure-four leglock and more stomping that knocks the little campus cutie out. This does not satisfy Officer Hollywood, however. There's still a lot more police brutality to mete out on that delectable student body. Stripping off Francesca's skirt, Hollywood batters her victim's stomach with punches and claw holds and even rakes her nails over Francesca's face. Francesca is a whipped, whimpering wuss, and easy pickings for the brutal “peace” officer who adds some bone-cracking bearhugs to her arsenal of punishment.

topless wrestling A tantalizingly topless Eve Ellis is none too impressed by Tina in her leopard bikini and quickly takes the leopard lady down with waist scissors and a neck-crushing chokehold. Thinking her opponent unconscious, Eve releases the jungle girl, who snaps back quickly and slams Eve into the corner with punches and knee slams. Tina's bravado is broken as Eve throws the leopard lady into the ropes and stomps her on the mat. A follow-up standing surfboard inflicts more pain to the Italian feline's arms and back. But if there's one rule of nature that should not be ignored, it's that the angrier a leopard gets, the more dangerous she becomes. As the ferocious feline lets out her jungle yell, soon it is Eve who is on the receiving end of scissors, chokes, and arm-stretches. And the more Eve fights back, the fiercer the killer kitten gets. Can the leopard lady be tamed? Or will the white hunter be just another jungle kill?

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