Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies




53 Minutes

pro-style wrestling Seasoned wrestling pro Hollywood once again takes on the up-and-coming young Honey, both in bikinis and wrestling boots. The bosomy veteran intends to make short work of the smaller newcomer. Interlocking their fingers for a test of strength, Hollywood stuns the unsuspecting Honey with furious kicks that rattles the young girl. Hollywood then throws Honey to the mat and weakens her some more with some belly blows and goes for an early pin, but it is Hollywood who quickly finds herself on the wrong end of a headlock and hip toss. A painful arm stretch further tortures the wily veteran and it takes all of Hollywood's strength to power out and trap Honey in a neck choke. Honey is flung into the corner where Hollywood uses her knees to soften Honey up for a toss to the mat where Honey's belly is exposed to even further attacks. Lots of pro moves here as Honey's arm is smashed by Hollywood's knee and then by a torturous arm bar. Honey is getting a bit of an education in violence by a real professor of pain. But, in the end, will the student become the master? Or is this the teacher's day to get a bit of Honey?

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pro-style wrestling Our long-time friend Fight Babe Robin doesn't visit the DT wrestling ring as often as she used to--and after this multi-fall encounter with big bad girl Sandy we wonder if she ever will again. Sandy has taken down a lot of opponents lately and she gets meaner with every victory. As Robin is about to find out when a combination arm-bar and wristlock forces Robin painfully to her knees. Sandy then applies a crushing reverse waist scissors / choke combo to further her advantage over the slim blonde. Robin's no novice to the ring, however, and she manages to reverse the hold and snags Sandy in a neck scissors followed by a leg twist. Sandy escapes and knocks Robin down with a clothesline as the furious match intensifies. Elbow smashes, stomps, neck breakers, leg drops, body slams, headlocks and a vicious piledriver further causes further damage to Robin until a sleeper hold puts an end to her misery and the first fall. Robin's humiliation is amplified by her breast falling out of her bikini top, but retaining her modesty will be the least of her concerns as the second fall begins and Sandy comes in for the kill.

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