Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies




53 Minutes

topless catfight Christine is a masked dominatrix with a costume made only of leather straps who does not cotton to her “slave” Santana going out on her own without permission. Feeling that the luscious Latin needs a little disciplining, Christine begins to punish Santana with blows to her stomach and bared breasts. Santana is pathetic in her pain as Christine pours on the punishment, squeezing Santana's nipples and clutching her crotch. The bashing and thrashing continues until Kristie enters the ring and demands Christine to halt. The dominatrix is not intimidated by Kristie's muscular presence and they challenge each other to a real wrestling match where Kristie's wrestling expertise really gives her the advantage. Several times Christine is caught in Kristie's powerful leg scissors, yet she still manages to get free. But Kristie's sheer power is too much for the vicious violator, and after one especially imprisoning hold, Christine is beaten. But that's not the end of this encounter. Later, Christine finds herself unmasked and tied to the ropes as Santana returns to the ring to join Kristie in delivering some well-earned payback. NOTE: Although not a nude match, Christine's outfit does reveal frontal nudity.

topless catfight There's nothing like two jealous divas sharing a mirror to trigger a hellacious catfight--especially when the divas are Tanya Danielle and Jewell Marceau. Trashing each other's outfits and figures, most notably their outstanding breasts, the mini-skirted prima donnas tear into each other with a dizzying array of hair pulling, bearhugs, breast mauling and smothers. Both pairs of enormous boobs are squeezed and abused as luscious lips spew venom at every turn-- except when one girl's breasts are used to muffle her opponent's mouth. These girls are out to debase both body and mind. Even as breasts mash against breasts the brawling bitches continue to scream at each other. Bodies are pinned and limbs twist and wrap against each other. What started out as two girls just looking for a hot night out ends up being an explosion of bountiful bodies squeezing, tearing and struggling for supremacy.

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