Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies




40 Minutes

topless catfight Two of our newest lady fighters, Laeiana and Jazz, face off in the ring for some typical Double Trouble mayhem. This is Jazz' first match for DT, but she's unquestionably determined to show she's no lamb ready for slaughter, as Laeiana quickly finds out. Jazz rushes at Laeiana and snares her head as the two fall to the mat in a flailing, twisting mound of flesh and force. These wildcats tear at each other with little regard for wrestling finesseŅand that makes them all the more dangerous. They rip off each other's bikini tops, but neither hellion will let modesty slow down her assault. Jazz even uses Laeiana's top as a choking weapon. Laeiana returns the favor as she chokes Jazz while trapping her honey-maned opponent in a schoolgirl pin. Jazz does break out, however, and the furious females become a tangle of flying limbs as each tries to dominate the other. It doesn't matter in the end who declares herself the victor at the end of this match since it's apparent that this war is only just beginning.

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topless catfight Next, raven-haired Diana Knight, in a zebra print bikini, is all smiles and confidence as she faces the equally haughty and sassy blonde Cassie, her taut, busty body accented by her hot pink bikini. Action starts right at the bell as Diana catches Cassie in a headlock, but Cassie muscles her way out of it. Diana tries to regain the advantage by throwing Cassie in to the corner and bashing the blonde's head on the turnbuckle, but Cassie simply shakes it all off and grins at her opponent, ready for more. The action goes back and forth each bodacious body is subjected to a battery of breast claws, clotheslines, pins, scissors and body blows. And, even as the attacks become more furious, even after the tops are torn away to expose two pairs of perfect breasts ready for pain, these two wild women smile at each other like wild animals baring their teeth before the kill. A final sleeper ends this furious encounter for one proud beauty, finally spent, and smiling no more.

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