Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies




43 Minutes

nude catfight Jewell enters the house looking for her friend Candi but confronts her old enemies Santana and Nefertiti who quickly begin to strip the lovely brunette as they grope and maul Jewell's breasts and crotch. Even as Jewell demands to know what happened to her girl friend, the exotic duo muffles her mouth as they plot to destroy their victim. As Nefertiti begins to remove her own robe and panties, Santana stuffs her own shirt in Jewell's mouth to further gag the quivering girl. Poor Jewell is subjected to all manner of abuse as she's dragged from one room to another and punished with face smothers, hair pulls and more crotch grabs. When Santana and Nefertiti get Jewell into the bedroom, the struggling victim is further abused with spanks on her round butt and bitten with sharp teeth. And once Jewell is tied to the bed, her terrible tormentors really get down to some serious, humiliating punishment.

nude catfight Our next match begins almost where the first one left off, with Jewell tied nude to the bed. The difference this time is that her “friend” Candi is now coming in to satisfy her lust for Jewell's sumptuous body in ways Jewell never expected. First, Candi tickles Jewell's feet, breaking Jewell's resistance with uncontrolled laughter. Then Candi digs her fingers into Jewell's crotch and spanks her butt. Jewell's ample breasts are tortured as Candi squeezes, claws and bites those fleshy mounds. It's apparent that Candi can't get enough of Jewell's pain and even digs her teeth into the struggling brunette's crotch. Is Jewell screaming in pain—or ecstasy? In the end, does it all come down to the same thing?

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