Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies




43 Minutes

topless boxingJewell Marceau dons the padded gloves for first time as she challenges pugilistic powerhouse Santana to some topless boxing action. It's obvious from the first few seconds of the match that Jewell should probably have trained more as the amused Latin easily blocks her early blows. Santana can see that this is going to be an easy win, but she intends on having a little sadistic fun with her outclassed opponent. After deflecting even more of Jewell's ineffective punches, Santana easily floors Jewell with a right cross--and from that point on Jewell doesn't have a chance. The buxom brunette's body is battered with savage fury as she's trapped in the corner, punished in center ring, and even when she's cowering on the canvas. The final knockout is inevitable. It may even be merciful, but mercy is not in Santana's vocabulary. She's taking sadistic glee at pounding her hapless foe, and she's determined to let the fun last a while.

topless boxingSantana finds yet another plaything to torture in our second topless slugfest as the fabulous redhead Eve Ellis dares to face the boxing bombshell. Eve doesn't even get a first punch in before Santana floors her with a barrage of right and left crosses. Eve tries to stagger to her feet as Santana literally kicks her while she's down. When Eve finally does arise she's knocked senseless into the corner and then is beaten down onto the mat again. Desperate for some advantage, Eve tries to trip Santana by grabbing her opponent's leg, but Santana merely laughs and pulls her unworthy opponent up and tosses her into yet another corner. It's all that the dazed Eve can do to stand up as Santana pummels the beautiful battler like a punching bag. Just like Jewell before her, Eve quickly learns that you don't go up against a brutal boxer like Santana unprepared. That's one good way of getting totally eliminated.

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