48 Minutes

It's been a while since we've seen a four-girl tag team match and mat veterans Hollywood and Cheryl Rusa each get to mentor a new tag partner before the match. Cheryl instructs the shapely and exotic Laeiana about the virtues of fighting by the rules while Hollywood informs her partner Cleopatra that dirty tactics are the only way to win a match. So, it's no surprise that sultry referee Tina has her hands full when the lovely quartet gather at the ring to begin the two-out-of-three-falls encounter.

The first pairing finds Cheryl's ring experience giving her an early advantage over Cleopatra and the new girl gets the worst of it for a while. Cheryl goes in for a quick pin, but Hollywood stomps Cheryl off. Cheryl is choked on the ropes as Laeiana tries to enter the ring to help. Hollywood diverts Tina's attention to Laeiana's presence as the cheaters double-team Cheryl. Cheryl finally manages to tag her partner and Laeiana bounds in as Cleopatra tags Hollywood. Hollywood is all over Laeiana, who is hopelessly overwhelmed by the wily veteran. When Cheryl tries to help, Tina sends her back, allowing Cleopatra to help Hollywood squash Laeiana and win the first fall.

The second fall begins with Laeiana quickly tagging Cheryl, who goes after Hollywood with some really good wrestling action, Hollywood getting some dirty tactics in when she can, including trapping Cheryl in the corner for more double-teaming. Eventually it comes down to the two newcomers going at it and Laeiana gets the better of Cleopatra and starts going for the pin. Hollywood starts to bound in, but Cheryl manages to dropkick her back and Cleopatra is counted out.

The final fall begins with Hollywood and Cleopatra plotting to win at all costs. But first, they have to take care of the referee. Leaving their stunned opponents for a moment, Hollywood and Cleopatra double team Tina and throw her, unconscious, out of the ring. Now Hollywood and Cleopatra really work over Cheryl and Laeiana. Lots of brutal beatings as the heels throw out all the rules until the villains plant sleepers on their virtuous victims. Hollywood and Cleopatra are so enrapt in their victory that they don't notice Tina getting back into the ring. And, now this ref is mad as hell!

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