Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #633



62 Minutes

topless mixed wrestling
Leonard may be small, but he's packed with muscle. That doesn't impress Coral, however, and she charges at her shorter male opponent with cold confidence. Before long, a hard clothesline by Leonard downs Coral and her confidence is soon shaken further by a powerful body slam. Coral is then lifted again as Leonard smashes her back down on his knee. No doubt about it: Coral's in big trouble, with more body slams sapping what little resistance she can muster. When Eve enters the ring to avenge Coral the ravishing redhead is rocked by Leonard's clothesline smash as well. Body slams, piledrivers and an airplane spin knocks much of the fight out of Eve as Leonard seems to be having one helluva kickass day.

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topless mixed wrestling
Our second story begins indoors with Yvonne, posing in front of the camera, removing her black bra, leaving only her lacy black panties and stockings, As she makes a call to a new partner with whom she plans to double-cross her former partner Peter, the muscular Peter ambushes her from behind and proceeds to choke and belly-punch the blonde Brit to the floor. But Yvonne is no pushover as she catches Peter in a figure-four neck scissors. Peter is no gentleman as he bites his way out and punishes Yvonne with a full-nelson followed by an over the knee backbreaker and a camel clutch. Peter then traps the beauty in a stultifying sleeper. Thrashing about like a spastic doll, Yvonne feels the breath being forced out of lungs. When Yvonne wakes up she finds herself being tied to a chair by Peter. After Peter leaves the room Yvonne manages to undo the ropes. Now, the British bombshell is freeŅand pissed as hell.

topless mixed wrestling
Scott really wants to disprove the notion that the female is mightier than the male and he chooses Candi as his test subject. The bouncy blonde is all confidence coming out of her corner of the ring, but her bravado is quickly squelched as a finger-locking test of strength soon has her on her knees. Scott then clamps the sweet girl's head with a standing head scissors and Candi realizes that her brutal opponent means to make a prime example of her. Scott sits on Candi's face, smothering her even as he demands that she call him "Master." Belly punches, bearhugs, reverse bearhugs, and backbreakers are just a few of the tortures Candi has to endure as her pink bikini top is pulled off and her topless form is body-slammed to the hard canvas. Candi suddenly comes back with a fierce wave of retaliation, but the vengeance is short lived as a hand smother and painful back bridge turns the advantage once again in the male's favor. Who is the master?

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