TAPE #632



42 Minutes

A naked Coral Sands is the picture of rage as she accuses her boss Eve Ellis, dressed only in black nylons and stiletto platform boots, of screwing with Coral's husband. Eve is infuriated that her own maid Coral would raise Cain in Eve's own house and claws at Coral's breasts in defiance. Coral does likewise and these nubile nudes start to tear at each other like vicious savages, all niceties between employer and employee torn asunder. Hair is pulled, bellies are punched, bosoms are mauled as these bare babes toss each other onto the coach and then the floor where one woman scissors the other as the other tortures her enemy's boobs yet some more. Luscious, limber bodies are beaten and bruised and beauteous faces are smashed in this sinewy contest of supremacy. Eve uses her boots to deadly advantage, weakening Coral more and more with every hard kick. But Coral still won't quit, and Eve knows it. So, Eve reaches for a knife...

Our second match finds a nude Nefertiti sleeping on her couch as Jewell angrily storms in bent on vengeance for past sins. The malicious Ms. Marceau jumps on top of the struggling black girl, scrunching Nefertiti's nipples with her taloned fingers. Jewell further utilizes her sharp nails to dig into Nefertiti's exposed crotch and Nefertiti's pitiful yowls of pain echo in the parlor. A spanking heaps even more humiliation upon the whimpering soul sister. Removing her own shorts Jewell uses her ample butt and crotch as smothering weapons as she facesits her helpless prey. Time and again Nefertiti tries to escape but Jewell just keeps pulling her back in. More facesits, breast mauling and fanny spankings are heaped upon poor Nefertiti as Jewell enjoys her ultimate acts of retribution.

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