Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #631



57 Minutes

domination wrestling
Christine wants nothing more than to utterly destroy Francesca, and, with her new allies in evil, Coral and Jewell, she is determined to do just that. However, the fiery Latina has some destructive ideas of her own and she charges into the ring taking each bad girl on one after the other. Coral, Jewell and Christine are stunned by Francesca's ferocity and are knocked down one by one by the fierce Francesca. Francesca punches, stomps and chokes her way through the terrible trio who have yet to get their team act together. However, taking on three girls finally takes its toll on Francesca and Christine stomps her repeatedly on the mat. Hanging poor Francesca upside down in the corner the threesome of terror stomp and batter away at their outnumbered victim. Francesca's hands are tied behind her and Francesca's neck is stepped on until she spews. Poor Francesca is subjected to backbreakers, kicks and body blows. Even after her forehead is lacerated by a foreign object there are more assaults still awaiting her, including a spine crushing piledriver. And to add final insult to injury a bound Francesca has to do some serious toe sucking to placate her seriously demented tormenters.

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domination wrestling
Dainty and demure Stacy Burke looks almost angelic in her powder-blue bra, panties and hose. It's no wonder then that the muscular Kristie seems to relish pawing the petite blonde during a supposed pre-bout weapons search. At the start of the match Kristie lets little Miss Burke get the first punches in, which are all pathetically ineffectual. Kristie's punches, however, are more than effectual. They're devastating. Digging her nails into Stacy's crotch, Kristie heaves the blonde over her shoulder and lifts her over her head. Kristie intends to see if this little angel can fly. Stacy's eyes widen in terror and Kristie finally brings her down to Earth, only to claw, punch and grind the tiny grappler's crotch, belly and crotch. Then, it's back into the air for Stacy as Kristie delights in giving the frightened blonde a big lift to her spirit—just before that spirit is inexorably crushed.

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