Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #630



45 Minutes

topless boxing
Hot-blooded Italian Tina thinks she's got what it takes to bring down the voluptuous mat veteran Venus DeLight, and the bosomy blonde is out to prove the brazen brunette wrong in this brutal fistfight. Tina gets in the first few shots but Venus gives as good as she gets. Tina's insults come back to haunt her as Venus knocks her to the canvas and uses her mammoth boobs to smother some of the fight out of tough-talking Tina. Venus slaps and punches Tina's pretty face over and over. To add to the humiliation Venus pulls off Tina's bikini top and mauls the smaller girl's pert breasts. Then, Tina is knocked down again, and again. Finally, the Roman gladiator has had enough and she starts fighting back, pummeling the startled Venus with a barrage of rapid-fire kicks and punches. Now it is Venus struggling to stay on her feet and the blonde is caught in an attempted sleeper. Flipping Tina over her shoulder to escape, Venus regains the hard-hitting upper hand and uses her powerful legs to squeeze even more of the fight out of the incredible Italian. Will Tina have enough fight left in her to overturn Venus' blinding assault?

topless catifght
The trash talk precedes the opening bell as milky white Candi banters the bad stuff with chocolate-coated Nefertiti. The two girls remove their tops and vie for the upper hand at the start of the match. Candi manages to wriggle out of Nefertiti's leg scissors and clamps a neck hold and waist scissors on the black beauty. The blonde's attempt to toss Nefertiti across the ring backfires as the dark diva takes Candi down and straddles her while folding one of Candi's leg over Candi's prone body. Nefertiti even throws in a couple of spanks for good measure. Once Candi breaks free the golden-tressed grappler pins down her ebony enemy and uses her breasts to squelch the breath out of Nefertiti. However, it is Nefertiti who finally wins the first fall and Candi who must make a comeback. A fingerlock test of strength starts the second fall and Candi uses her weight advantage to bring Nefertiti to her knees. Candi is determined never to let the winner be announced as Nefertiti ever again. Will she succeed?

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