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TAPE #629



41 Minutes

sisterhood of superheroines
Half a dozen years ago comic book superstar George Pérez launched our top-selling Sisterhood of Superheroines series with DYNAMIC DUO in DT-372. As a special commemoration of this event in DT history George has directed a remake of that classic match with the tantalizing Tanya Danielle now cast as Super Maiden and the zesty Tina wearing the star-spangled costume of Wundarr Woman. The Overmind introduces the two heroines and we see into each of their minds as first Super Maiden then Wundarr Woman imagines her own defeat at the hands of her powerful super foe. Body blows to the face, crotch, breast and belly stagger and stun each power girl as she is thrown all around the Arena of Champions. Then each battered beauty is forced into a corner where she is handcuffed to the ring post and her legs spread and propped on the ropes, making her crotch an easy target for violent kicks from high-heeled boots. A sleeper hold ends it for one heroine, with the scenario replayed later in reverse. It's a classic superheroine collision between two costumed crimefighters

sisterhood of superheroines
Our next costumed fantasy casts Jewell as a masked Cat-Woman wannabe who makes the mistake of picking the wrong house to burglarize. When a topless Shannan confronts the startled Cat-Woman the homeowner smacks and claws at the intruder like--well, like a cat. Shannan throws the Cat-Woman to the floor and tortures the puss in boots with a crushing waist scissors. Cat-Woman refuses to reveal why she chose Shannan's house to rob. The stubborn cat-burglar is punched and clawed some more until she can fight no more and is unceremoniously hogtied. When the cantankerous kitty finally works her way out of her bonds, she gasps in disbelief as Shannan re-enters the room dressed in black and wearing a cat mask. It turns out that Shannan is the REAL Cat-Woman--and she doesn't like pretenders. Which felonious feline will get the last meow?

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