Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #628



58 Minutes

topless boxing
In this continuation of the boxing tournament begun in DT-623, referee Summer Cummings still has her hands full as she oversees the final three matches in this spectacular topless boxing extravaganza.

Match #1: Tanya "The Body" Danielle warms up with another challenger as she dukes it out with as Francesca "The Fury" Lé. Danielle and Lé trade blow after blow in the center of the ring and this starts out as a fairly even match, although it is the blonde champ that seems the more energized. Francesca puts on a furious fight against the battering champ, trying to pound "The Body" at every opening, but can "The Fury" be furious enough to win this preliminary heat?

topless boxing
Match #2: Both Francesca "The Fury" Lé and Goldie "Bad Girl" Blair have yet to win a match in this tournament so this match will mark the first victory for one of these fighters and a claim to third place. As the rounds tick away to the rhythm of crashing fists, the lethal Latina throws everything she's got at the battling Brit, who throws everything, including the kitchen sink, right back at her. One weary warrior will finally notch her first win, but it sure isn't an easy win.

topless boxingMatch #3: The final body-blasting round pits top challenger Stacy "Sweet Sugar" Burke against the champ Tanya "The Body" Danielle in yet another bombastic display of flying leather fists. At the end of one round one beauty is literally saved by the bell after two eight counts. By Round 6 one blonde is little more than a punching bag for her dominant opponent. Tanya and Stacy each gets her share of shattering shots to the head, chest and stomach, but only one will end up wearing the championship belt that night.

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