Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #627



43 Minutes

pro-style catfight
The lithe and beautiful pro Hollywood is pitted against a sweet-faced little English blonde named Honey, making her DT wrestling debut. Both clad in black two-piece outfits with wrestling boots, Hollywood and Honey are set up for a true, pro-style match. But, can Honey really hold her own against the much more experienced former GLOW girl? Hollywood takes the new girl down pretty quickly, stomping on Honey before catching the youngster in a full-nelson. Hollywood's attempt at an early pin is thwarted as Honey kicks out of it. And begins stomping on Hollywood's belly. Honey's attempts at elbow smashes just gets Hollywood's dander up and soon the little Brit is trapped in the corner as Hollywood knees Honey in the stomach and flips her over hard onto the canvas. However, Hollywood is totally unprepared by a surprise move that has her trapped cross- legged on the mat as Honey catches the mat vet in a reverse chin lock. Honey may not be as unseasoned in the ways of the squared circle as she initially appeared. There are many surprises awaiting Hollywood as she learns that the taste of Honey can be bitter indeed.

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pro-style catfight
Next, the ring savvy Candi, in a blue one-piece, waits impatiently as the beauteous Diana Knight, all curves revealed in her white bikini, applies her make-up like a preening showgirl. Candi is determined to wipe Diana's smile off her face. Although Diana manages to take Candi down first, it is the blonde who reverses the hold to trap Diana in a combination waist scissors and head lock. But Diana's smile never dims. Even as Candi clamps another headlock on the brunette, Diana continues laughing, eventually straddling Candi after yet another turnaround. Candi traps Diana in a full nelson / waist scissors combo and still Diana laughs. This is going to be a hard day's Knight for Candi to overcome. Resorting to kicks, punches, hip-tosses, choke holds and bearhugs, Candi unleashes an awesome arsenal on Diana. It takes a literal rear assault by Diana to turn the tables and soon it is Candi who is struggling to remain on her feet as Diana shows just how deadly a little hip action can be.

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